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Top List of Best Hybrid Smartwatch Under $50 to $200

The watch has been a symbol of status and class since its invention. Over time, the desire for watches has shifted from analog to digital and hybrid smartwatches. However, choosing the best hybrid smartwatch under $50 to $200 in quite a number on the market is not easy nowadays.

What is a hybrid smartwatch?

There is no denying the fact that conventional non-smart watches look much more luxurious and better than smartwatches, as we like the smartwatch’s specifications and features. Well, thanks to the inventor of the hybrid smartwatch, you get something that looks like a regular watch but offers the best features of a smartwatch.

It is a blend of traditional watches and modern smartwatches. In other words, the classic analog design and smart technology make it even more luxurious.

Hybrid smartwatch vs. smartwatch

The hybrid smartwatch is the fusion of conventional and modern smartwatches. That is, it combines some related functions with the existing clock mechanism.

The smartwatch has only smart features with a touch screen. Lack of traditional harmony. Nevertheless, they share many features and basic features like phone notifications, texts, emails, health and fitness tools, and more.

This is the main difference between a smartwatch and a hybrid smartwatch. Hybrid smartwatches have a classic traditional design, but smartwatches retain their fashion reputation in a trendy style.

Battery life
Typically, hybrid smartwatches have an extended battery life of 6 months to 2 years, while smartwatches can last all day, depending on usage.

In general, hybrid smartwatches are relatively cheaper than smartwatches. However, hybrid smartwatches are a bit more expensive on some models. Read more about Smart Watch vs. Hybrid Smartwatch.

What can a hybrid smartwatch do?

Most hybrid smartwatches share the same functionality. It’s a mix of traditional design and modern technology, so there are a lot of extra and basic features.

The hybrid smartwatch connects to the smartphone and works through an app. Features like activity tracking, step count, heart rate, and more are some of the extra features you do, along with phone calls, texts, and other vibration notifications.

Some hybrid smartwatches can also control music, click photos and store 10-12 contact information with the touch of the screen. Its long battery life allows it to be used for longer periods ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

Top Pick Best Hybrid Smartwatch Under $200

1. Withings Steel HR

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will want this hybrid smartwatch. It has features like advanced design heart rate monitoring and connected GPS that you’ll love.

Individual OLED displays are at the top, providing details such as steps, distance, calories, heart rate, alarm time, incoming calls, messages, and events. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it without breaking it in the shower, and it’s also known as Nokia Steel HR.

Withings Steel HR

2. Garmin Vivomove HR

If you want to think about your health and well-being fitness seriously, this hybrid smartwatch is your best choice. In addition to enabling tracking and heart rate monitoring, this watch also functions as a wellness monitoring tool.

If you are a gym person, I recommend using this hybrid smartwatch. Likewise, it has good battery life and a stress-monitoring feature. This watch has a traditional design touch screen display. And this makes it stand out from the crowd. So if you are concerned about your health and fitness, this watch may be your first option.

Garmin Vivomove HR

3. Fossil Q Men’s Grant stainless steel and leather hybrid

Undoubtedly, Fossil watches are very popular for their great design. Similarly, this hybrid smartwatch is another masterpiece from Fossils. It does everything you need with a hint of fashion.

Likewise, with good battery life and leather bands, it is perfect for formal and casual dress codes. There are also customizable buttons and smartphone notifications with a soft buzz on your wrist.

Likewise, it looks more attractive if you have Roman numerals.

Fossil Q Men's Grant stainless hybrid

4. Misfit Phase


Misfit Phase perfectly combines classic design and a modern smartwatch. It offers a sleek and stylish design with truly useful features.

Plus, this hybrid smartwatch boasts an impressive six-monthly battery life. It’s also one of the cheapest hybrid smartwatches with great quality.

However, we don’t recommend buying this model if you’re looking for a hybrid smartwatch with extensive fitness tracking. Because it doesn’t have this function, however, it has a classic look and looks elegant when worn on the hand.

Withings Move ECG

5. Withings Move ECG

If you thought electrocardiogram (ECG) was limited to expensive smartwatches from Apple and Samsung, be prepared to think again. Withings introduced this feature (ECG) to the Hybrid Smartwatch.

Similarly, there is a metal bezel that you must press for 30 seconds to measure the heart’s electrical activity.

The health fitness and ECG-capable hybrid smartwatch are equally best in their classic white and black design. It also tracks running, swimming, and sleeping. Despite being part of the ECG function and health technology ecosystem, it is a fairly expensive hybrid smartwatch.


move ecg hero

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6. Skagen Holst Best Reviewed

The beauty of this smartwatch is a way to hide technology with its beautiful classic design. Like other hybrid smartwatches, it has fitness tools like exercise and sleep tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, text and call notifications, and more.

It has an excellent battery life of 6 months. Likewise, you’ll love the design that softens the look. However, there is no GPS function.

Skagen Men's Jorn Minimalistic Stainless Steel Quartz Watch
Skagen Men's Jorn Minimalistic Stainless Steel Quartz Watch
SkagenĀ  Stainless Steel Quartz Watch
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7. Frederique Constant Classic Hybrid

Frederique Constant is one of the best Swiss watches with a traditional Swiss touch and modern technology. This Swiss Land is for you if you like beautiful classic design watches.

There are no heart rate monitoring tools or GPS functions, but the design is so nice that you can easily grab your attention. On the other hand, this watch works even after the battery runs out due to the automatic movement with a 7-day power reserve.

Skagen Signatur Connected Hybrid

Best Hybrid Smartwatch Under $50

8. BERNY Hybrid

BERNY Hybrid smartwatch under $50 with real watch hands and hidden OLED display, heart rate monitor hybrid watch notifications message previews smartwatches.

This will be a normal choice as per the budget of $50. No more hybrid smartwatches under $50 can bring the best experience ever. Look for under $100 to $300 for the best hybrid smartwatch experience.

BERNY Hybrid Smart Watch

9. Skagen Signatur Connected Hybrid

Like other Skagen hybrid smartwatches, it has several features, such as phone connection, activity tracking, music control, and more. A beautiful display with a modern design makes this watch a luxury product. You will love the internal display of numbers written in small sizes. Moreover, this watch’s presence makes you look elegant, both in casual and formal attire.

10. Misfit Command

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Misfit is a classic model with modern technology inside; this watch boasts an excellent battery life of one year. Along with this, there is also basic fitness tracking technology. Despite these features, this hybrid smartwatch does not have GPS connectivity and heart rate monitoring technology.

11. Misfit Path

This is another popular hybrid smartwatch with features like an activity tracker, music control, customizable smart buttons, metal design, and more. Similarly, you can also track your fitness stats.

You can experience great battery life that lasts about six months. Also, the design looks simple and elegant. But the glass is easy to smear, and this watch cannot be used in the dark.

Misfit Path Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch; Black; MIS5030

12. Fossil Q Commuter

If you are constantly looking for a reliable hybrid smartwatch, you can trust Fossil Q Commuter. You will want to spend a lot of money on a stylish and simple design. The biggest attraction is the three buttons that allow you to control the phone’s functions. Similarly, the battery life is one year.

In addition to this, you can track your daily steps, receive various notifications, control music, take photos, and track other activities. However, this watch does not have a heart rate monitor or GPS.

Fossil Q Commuter

13. Breitling Exospace B55 connection

Composed of titanium and carbon, this watch has an electronic tachymeter to record flight and other functions. If you are a pilot or someone you know is in the field, this watch will be a great choice to present to them.

The average person does not prefer this watch due to the heavy technology. However, it has features like reminder notifications, phone calls, etc.

Breitling Exospace B55, Smaller-sized Hybrid Smartwatch with Blue Case

14. Garmin Vivimove 3S

Another great hybrid smartwatch from Garmin with screen touch capability. Wearing this watch will make you feel stylish and comfortable.

You’ll also love connecting your watch to GPS to track your steps and other activities. Likewise, it gives you a notification when you receive a call or a text.

Garmin Vivimove 3S

15. Kronaby Sekel

If you compare other hybrid smartwatches to the Knronaby Sakel, you will find that the technology is hidden under the traditional face. It has a powerful battery that lasts up to two years and is a traditional design.

You have the right to control your phone’s camera through a button. In addition, it is a waterproof hybrid smartwatch that allows you to control smart home appliances through the watch within a certain range.

Although the price is quite heavy, the features of this watch are great.

Kronaby Sekel

16. Fossil Hybrid HR Collider

The Fossils brand is one of the best choices for many. This hybrid smartwatch model doesn’t have touchscreen capabilities, but you can enjoy basic activities like activity tracking, phone notifications, custom displays, and more.

You will have a great design and several variations: black-brown with a leather band, smoke with a stainless steel band, and silver with a black silicone band. However, this hybrid smartwatch lacks GPS connectivity.

Fossil Hybrid HR Collider

Fossil Hybrid HR Collider

What to look for when buying a hybrid smartwatch?

The choice of the hybrid smartwatch is wider than the full touch screen smartwatch. Unlike smartwatches, hybrid smartwatches are selected based on the design, battery life, and the latest features of your smartwatch.

Design is what most people look for when buying this type of watch. Unlike smartwatches with advanced technology ahead of aesthetics, hybrid smartwatches look like ordinary watches.

Some hybrid smartwatches have heart rate monitoring tools, but some don’t. So, if you want your watch to guide your health and fitness, you need to keep this feature in mind.

Which one to choose?

In general, all hybrid smartwatches have similar features. But it’s a design you should consider when buying a hybrid smartwatch. Steel HR, Withings Move ECG, and Misfit Command are the best things I’m looking for. Withings Steel HR and MIsfit Command blend smart features with traditional design at an affordable price. The Withings Move ECG has unique features if you want health and fitness.