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Skagen Watch Review: Is Skagen a Good Brand?

If you’re looking for something that fits on your wrist, looks excellent, and doesn’t cost too much, the Skagen watch is for you.

Skagen watches do not offer more expensive features found in Swiss watches and avoid the high-end parts and movements that often drive up the price of a watch. This is what keeps Skagen affordable and a worthwhile deal for many.

Is Skagen a good brand?

Yes, Skagen is a good brand if you are looking for an affordable and on-trend Scandi style watch. They create watches that fit the popular, minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. This style of watch is very trendy at the moment and is a great watch for daily use.

Skagen watches are not badly made watches. That doesn’t mean they’re great. Most watches are equipped with Japanese quartz movements from Miyota. It’s a very stable movement. However, this may be a turn-off for watch enthusiasts who love watchmakers who create their own movements.

If you are a watch enthusiast, you will probably choose other cheaper watch brands. Examples: Seiko, Orient, Bulova or Casio. However, in recent years we have seen Skagen explore different types of watches. Now they have a variety of smartwatches, solar watches, and even automatic watches.

So Skagen is a good brand because they have a wide range of watches to choose from. Anyone will be able to easily find a watch that suits their style.

Skagen Watch Review 2024

It’s clear to me that most of the decisions made here are consistent with its intended purpose as a fashion accessory and nothing more. The watch looks good, but it’s not very specced or practical. If you’re really interested in horology, you’ll be surprised if this ticks your boxes.

Is Skagen Watches Good?

Many people want to know the quality of Skagen watches. The Skagen offers good value for money when it comes to it. Their watches are well made with quality materials from a reputable company, The Fossil Group. This company is responsible for watches under licenses such as DKNY, Armani, Diesel, Michael Kors, and, Fossil.

Skagen Watches Review 2023

The Skagen brand has previously won several Red Dot awards for design. They have a wide range of stylish and affordable watches to go with affordable quality and intelligent looks that are a crucial driver of the brand’s success.

Many Skagen watches tend to be thinner than other brands. This is because of the minimalistic design that many watches pursue. This slim construction often means the watch is lighter in weight than alternative brands. But don’t be fooled by the low quality.

The history of Skagen watches

Created in 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, Skagen Watches have grown to become one of the leading established fashion watch brands. The couple moved to the United States from Denmark in 1986 after Henrik became Carlsberg’s US sales manager and decided to start their own business.

History of Skagen watches

This involved initially selling gift watches before moving to its brand, where Skagen watches originated. First, we needed to find a watch manufacturer that could supply products at a lower price than American manufacturers. They moved to a Hong Kong factory run by Comtech Watches.

After the manufacturer was established, the couple began designing their first watch. They showcased this at a 1991 trade show. They were very successful in their first year and, by 1992, had sold $800,000. Within six years, they had crossed the $30 million mark.

This kind of growth goes unnoticed. The company has entered markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The Fossil Group eventually decided to acquire Skagen in 2012 for $225 million, for 150,000 shares of Fossil common stock. Today, Skagen operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Fossil Group.

Who owns the Skagen watch in 2024?

Skagen Denmark was originally founded by a Danish couple. Charlotte and Henrik Jörst. They founded a watch company when they moved to the United States.

But today Skagen has a parent company. Skagen is currently owned by the Fossil watch group. Skagen was acquired by Fossil in 2012. The sale of Skagen Designs was valued at approximately $225 million.

Fossil is best known for acquiring fashion brands and fashion watch brands. Along with Skagen, the Fossil Group currently owns other watch brands: Michael Kors, Michelle, Zodiac.

Where are Skagen watches made in 2024?

Where are Skagen watches made?

Skagen watches were previously manufactured in Hong Kong and used a variety of components sourced from around the world. After Skagen became part of the Fossil Group, many Skagen watches began to be assembled in factories owned or licensed by the Fossil Group.

This means most watches are assembled in China, but high-quality parts like the Miyota movement are imported from Japan. Skagen also has a small range of watches with Swiss movements.

How much does a Skagen watch cost 2024?

A typical Skagen watches with a Japanese Miyota quartz movement typically costs around £80-£250. They remain primarily affordable watch brands offering a variety of styles to the masses.

How much does a Skagen watch cost?

Is Skagen watches worth buying?

Yes, Skagen watches are affordable and attractive for those who like minimalist designs. However, many branded watches sell for around $100, and there is some truth to the adage, “You get what you pay for.” Don’t expect to pass down your Skagen watch to your grandchildren.

Is Skagen watches worth buying?

Skagen is not a luxury watch brand that increases in value over time, and no severe watch enthusiast would even consider buying one. But if you’re in the market for fashion watches, we recommend that you consider the Skagen.

Where to buy Skagen watches?

If you want to own a Skagen watch, you can purchase it online through Skagen’s official website or an online site such as Amazon. However, if you want to see the watch in person, the Skagen website also has a Store Locator feature to help you find a nearby store.

Where to buy Skagen watches

Is Skagen a luxury watch?

No, Skagen watches are not considered luxury condition. They are not brands on a watch collector’s radar or that many serious watch enthusiasts think about. Most would classify them as consumer fashion watches because of their price range and materials used.

Is Skagen a luxury watch?

If you want a better definition of a luxury watch, start here or look at our top Swiss brands. This is a great place to start your journey into luxury watches.

What’s unique about Skagen watches?

What's unique about Skagen watches

We embraced Danish minimalism to create slim styles and color combinations that reflect quiet coastal living. It’s a style that’s still familiar to us today. Denmark has a lot to celebrate. While respecting our heritage, we are expanding our sphere of influence to include areas relevant to the present.

What are the best Skagen Danish watches?

Classifying Skagen watches as the best can be difficult, but here are some that are very popular among consumers:

What are the best Skagen Danish watches?

1. Skagen Anchors

Skagen Anchors is probably the most popular Skagen watch model. Look at this watch; you will be impressed with its aesthetic style. It features a modest case size, minimalist style, and slim profile. You can choose the finish, strap, and dial color. A chronograph version of this watch is also available. It is waterproof up to 50m.

2. Skagen Melby

This model is another affordable yet stylish model. Perfect for consumers looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly watch. The Skagen Melbye’s 40mm case is made from at least 50% recycled steel. You will fall in love with its modern look. The dial has seconds and minutes tracks, and the bezel has a notch like a diver’s watch, but it doesn’t turn. This watch is water resistant to 50m.

3. Skagen Henriksen

If you’re looking for a sustainable watch with a long-lasting battery, you won’t go wrong with the Skagen Henriksen. The quartz movement of this watch is solar-powered. This watch is also made using eco-friendly materials. Therefore, it suits consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint. This watch is water resistant up to 30m.


Skagen may be less popular than other well-known budget watch brands, but Skagen is still worth considering if you prefer a sleek, simple, yet elegant watch. They offer fashionable watches with decent quality for the price.


Are Skagen watches waterproof?

A reliable quartz movement powers this men’s Skagen watch. And with a 50m water resistance rating, it’s suitable for most everyday use.

How long does Skagen watch last?

The battery will last between 5 and 12 months, depending on the watch model and usage.

How long do Skagen batteries last?

According to Skagen, the Falster should last up to 24 hours after charging, but this estimate seems a bit generous based on testing.

Can I swim with my Skagen watch?

Yes, Skagen smartwatches are water-resistant. In addition to being water resistant up to 30M, the device has passed the 10,000 swim test and can be worn while swimming in shallow water or showering. The microphone and touchscreen may not work correctly if the watch is submerged in water or not completely dry.

Is Skagen a quartz watch?

Skagen watches are not the kind that is built to be passed down from generation to generation. Due to the use of elements such as quartz movement, mineral crystal (glass), and sourcing production, they are inexpensive but not necessarily “good” for a particular purpose.

Is this a Skagen watch made by Fossil?

Skagen Denmark is the watch brand of Skagen Designs Ltd., a subsidiary of Fossil, which has grown into a broader American contemporary accessories brand based on Danish design.

Is the Skagen an automatic watch?

Yes, the latest Skagen automatic watches take their cues from vintage design. The stylish back case features a see-through skeleton dial, three luminous hands, a silver dash, and a black leather strap that secures the entire piece.

Is Skagen watches expensive?

When shopping the collection, it’s clear that there’s something for everyone, while Skagen watches are in a very affordable price range.

Is Skagen compatible with iPhone?

Requires iOS 15.0 or higher. This app may use your location even when not open, which can reduce battery life.

Do you wind your Skagen watch?

If you have a mechanical Skagen watch and don’t wear it often, wind it up and run it once a month. This is because there is oil inside that lubricates the watch, and this oil can dry out if not operated.

How do I identify my Skagen watch?

To determine which Skagen watch band will fit your watch, look on the back and look for the model number engraved on it. It is a combination of letters and numbers. Example: 433LSLB1.

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