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Seiko vs Tissot Watches: Which Brand is Best in 2023?

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Many people are trying to decide between Seiko and Tissot watches, this Seiko vs. Tissot comparison will provide them with information that will give them a clearer perspective and make the decision process easier.

Walkthrough: Are Tissot Watches Good?

Seiko vs. Tissot watches 2023 comparison

Both Tissot and Seiko are brands known for their precision and providing decent quality watches over the years. Both companies produce watches that are sturdy and essential enough to be considered first-class pieces of equipment, and it’s no surprise that both brands’ passion for pushing boundaries has helped them stand out as some of the best watchmakers today.

Watch cases and bands

Tissot and Seiko continue to offer a variety of watch band styles to suit different preferences. Both brands excel at combining different materials to create a sophisticated, modern aesthetic. Tissot offers a variety of closure styles, including elegant clasps and traditional buckles to ensure a secure and stylish fit.

Additionally, for sports and field watches, Tissot offers excellent options with nylon and rubber bands, such as models like the Tissot T-Race T115417A. Seiko also offers a variety of band options to suit different tastes and situations.

From stainless steel bracelets to leather straps, and rubber and silicone bands, Seiko offers a variety of designs. The introduction of fabric and nylon straps further strengthens the brand’s commitment to providing a fit tailored to individual tastes and needs.

Whether you choose Tissot or Seiko, you’ll find a wide range of watch bands crafted with meticulous attention to detail to find the ideal combination of style, comfort and functionality.


Both brands offer three types of movements: quartz, solar quartz and automatic.

Automatic: Seiko is the best watch supplier in this regard at a certain price point that surpasses many other brands. As far as comparing the quality of movements is concerned, both are at the top of the heap and no clear winner has been defined. Tissot undoubtedly offers more automatic movement features than Seiko, but Seiko is still cheaper, more cost-effective, and available in larger quantities.

Quartz: Whenever we discuss quartz watches, Tissot delivers products that are accurate, reliable and durable. Seiko products also have quartz movements. Quartz is durable, and precise and will never disappoint you. Moreover, in terms of price, Tissot quartz prices are much higher than Seiko’s, costing more than $200, while Seiko’s starting price is $100.

Solar Quartz: Again, solar quartz is where Seiko beats Tissot by a mile. Tissot offers only one series, the T-Touch, with a solar quartz movement, but Seiko offers these in a variety of designs, from sports to dresses. Prospex and Astron are the best examples.


Today, major watch brands often guarantee water resistance, and Tissot and Seiko are no exception. Scratch resistance and water resistance are unique features offered by both these popular brands. Known for its commitment to innovation, Tissot has long used touch-controlled sapphire technology to produce timepieces that not only boast exceptional functionality and durable cases but also sophisticated and stylish designs.

Both Tissot and Seiko offer watches that can withstand up to 100 meters of water pressure. Tissot’s diving watches undergo rigorous testing in pressurized tanks to ensure optimal water resistance. Seiko, on the other hand, offers watches with a water resistance rating of 10 (20) BAR, making them suitable for swimming and everyday activities.

Whether you choose Tissot or Seiko, rest assured that you can trust that your watch is water-resistant. You can wear it with confidence during a variety of water-related tasks and daily tasks.


As we know, Tissot watches uses sapphire crystal, and the brand is also a Swiss brand, which results in higher production costs, strict outsourcing, and significant labour costs. This makes Tissot watches more expensive than Seiko watches. The difference may not be as big as you might expect, as it depends on the wearer and budget.

On the other hand, the price of a regular Seiko product is usually at least $100 to $200 compared to a Tissot, and for a product with the same features and specifications, the price of a Tissot can be $400 to $500. As we discussed earlier about the two brands, the price difference between quartz watches is the same.

Bottom line: Seiko vs Tissot

In summary, deciding which watch is best is a bit difficult. However, Seiko won in numerous categories, including price, durability, quartz movement, style, design, and beauty. Seiko beat Tissot with its better solar quartz movement, more features, various styles to choose from, and cost-effectiveness.

The Tissot features solar quartz, which doesn’t offer much in the way of style for the same watch movement features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is common between Tissot and Seiko watches?

Both Tissot and Seiko are recognized worldwide for producing high-quality, precise watches. Each has a unique look and feel with a long history in the watchmaking industry, and both have achieved impressive performance, using only the highest quality materials and adhering to a strict design style to achieve a high level of luxury.

From steel to luxurious leather, both models showcase classic luxury in their design. Both Tissot and Seiko use automatic winding, but while Tissot beats Seiko with 80 hours of power reserve, the Seiko Presage watch has a battery life of 40 hours, which is still very impressive.

Both Tissot and Seiko have high-end quartz watches, which means they’re both thin, but some Seiko models are solar-powered, so there’s no need to replace batteries. Lastly, both watches are suitable for everyday use.

Is Tissot an entry-level luxury watch?

Tissot sells watches for less than $500. Some of Tissot’s most popular watch brands that are considered entry-level luxury watches include: These include Tissot Chrono XL, Tissot Classic Dream, Tissot Carson, etc.

Do celebrities wear Tissot or Seiko watches?

Yes, celebrities wear Tissot and Seiko watches. Tissot watches have been spotted on the wrists of celebrities such as Simon Pegg in the movie Mission: Impossible. Angelina Jolie wore Tissot in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and other celebrities have also made public appearances wearing Tissot watches.

Seiko was also worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger (in the movie The Predator) and Sigourney Weaver wore the Seiko Speedtimer 7A28-7000 in the movie Aliens.

Is Tissot good quality?

Tissot is committed to fine craftsmanship in watchmaking and every watch is meticulously crafted, drawing on over 150 years of innovation. Featuring exceptional longevity, strong resistance to magnetic fields and precise operation, the company features an impressive collection that includes dynamic sports watches, bold diver pieces, elegant dress models, trendy chronographs and even solar-powered watches.

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

Yes, Seiko is a Japanese luxury watch brand known worldwide for precision, reliability and excellence for over 100 years.

Is Tissot considered a luxury product?

Tissot’s designs evoke luxury and its watches are made from the finest materials, including scratch-resistant sapphire and gemstone glass, with a timeless style that can be fashionable in any era. For example, Tissot’s PRX 40 205 was created to give a modern look to a late 1960s design.

Which has better battery life, Tissot or Seiko?

The Tissot has almost twice the battery life of the Seiko, making it the preferred option for those who want watches with long battery life.

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