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How to Use Smartwatch Without Phone in 2023?

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We keep talking about smartwatches. Because we use it every day and couldn’t be more satisfied. However, there is still a common belief that smartwatches are useless without a connection to a phone.

Today we’ll talk about how to use a smartwatch without a phone, how it works without, and features you might miss when considering using one without a SIM card.

Some smartwatches can be used without a smartphone. Usually, these are high-end models that require a micro-SIM to work. In other words, the smartwatch communicates over the cellular network without tethering to the device.

With the guide, you can operate some smartwatches even if you don’t have a phone nearby, but often you still need one to set up and install apps on your watch.

This can work independently of the smartphone but still translates to a product that is sometimes needed.

Except for other products, such as exceptional watches with intelligent features like dedicated GPS/running watches. But if you have a smartwatch that uses a micro SIM, you can still do many things without your phone.

How to Use Smartwatch Without a Phone?

Smartwatches have added tons of features for users. Suppose you’re interested in finding something that works without your phone. In that case, you’re lucky because it has essential features like fitness tracking, music playback/streaming, voice commands, phone calls, and text messages that you can do without a phone connection. The features you can access vary greatly by smartwatch brand and model.

What is a standalone smartwatch?

A standalone smartwatch is a clever device known for its features and ability to operate without a mobile phone. These smartwatches have the unique features of a mobile phone. It connects effectively with 3G or 4G multipurpose organizations and requires a SIM card.

When your phone embeds a SIM card, it carries messages and many features. In comparison, when you embed a SIM card in a smartwatch, it works by itself without putting the phone in your pocket or having it nearby. These savvy devices are described as standalone smartwatches.

Instant messages, alerts, alarms, and application notifications are refreshed when you connect a standalone smartwatch to your organization. You don’t need to use your phone with the watch if you have a standalone smartwatch.

A standalone smartwatch works like a cell phone, making, receiving, or rejecting calls and sending and receiving instant messages. This smartwatch also allows you to peruse the web. The presentation is more unpretentious than a cell phone, but it’s still practically usable as a phone with lots of comparative highlights.

The standalone smartwatch likewise includes wellness benefits for wellness lovers. You can exercise throughout the day, like checking your pulse, so that you understand what kind of exercise you need to reach your goals.

The best thing about a standalone smartwatch is that you can pair it with your phone when needed, which is its most significant advantage. When you get to the point where you think you need to utilize a fancy gadget with your phone, you can match it—a description of the individual’s desire to utilize an independent smartwatch.

What are the best smartwatches that work without a phone?

The Apple Watch Series will put many standalone features on the wrist. Apple has been a top innovator when it comes to smartwatches. Listen to music, answer calls, and track the activity on the go, 24/7, without an iPhone connection.

However, if fitness is essential for your smartwatch purchase, you may want to consider a dedicated fitness tracker smartwatch. The Fitbit Versa 4 will significantly add to a runner’s gear list. The device tracks all your biometrics to provide analytics on your activity.

Fitbit still needs a smartphone to access this data, but as long as it works, it has all the sensors and GPS built-in, so you can leave your phone at home.

If you want to listen to music on the go without carrying your phone, the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches have the onboard storage you need to embed your songs and playlists. You can also use streaming services like Spotify without any problems.

If you plan to receive calls and texts without a phone, you must first understand how this works and what to look for on your smartwatch. You need access to the network, speakers and headphones, and a microphone to make calls and send texts using your smartwatch without a smartphone.

Some smartwatches have all three built-in, so you may not need extra features like a Bluetooth headset.

The rest only support network functions, so headphones are required. When it comes to texting, in most cases, this is done using the voice-to-text feature.

However, this requires access to a cellular network. Otherwise, you will have to rely on your phone’s network access.

Apple Watch with iMessage can also access Wi-Fi networks to send and receive text messages. Other guides have talked about it all.

Fortunately, micro-SIM technology allows smartwatches to access cellular networks. Not all watches have this feature, but if it does, it will be a small slot on the side of the device that uses this particular SIM type. In most cases, your smart watch should also be added to your cellular plan.

However, most plans do not charge more than $10 per month. Some models, such as the LTE-enabled Apple Watch, do not have a physical SIM slot.


I hope you have got your answer ‘How to use a smartwatch without a smartwatch.’ Individuals want a great smartwatch, so constantly pairing it with a mobile phone is unnecessary. For those who want to send, receive, participate, read messages, and make calls using a smartwatch, a standalone smartwatch is an ideal alternative to use without a phone.

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