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Can You Wear Apple Watch in Sauna?

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Apple Watch is not designed to be exposed to steam, large amounts of moisture, and, more importantly, high heat. So even if you accidentally take your Apple watch to the sauna, it may not get damaged, but it’s best not to do so to prolong the life of your eye.

So can you wear Apple Watch in Sauna?

Apple Watch cannot be worn in a sauna or steam room. Apple says the latest generation Apple Watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet), but it claims and does not recommend that sauna or steam environments can damage the watch.

Sauna environment

Saunas room uses dryer heat. Although there is some moisture in the air, saunas usually use electric radiators or infrared technology. In this case, the problem with the Apple Watch is the heat.

According to Apple, the watch is designed to work best in ambient temperatures between 0° and 35°C (32° and 95°F). Although it says it can be stored anywhere between -20° and 45°C (-4° and 113°F), we also do not recommend leaving it in a hot car for too long.

They believe exposing the Apple Watch to extreme temperatures for too long can shorten the battery and cause other damage.

Given that saunas are generally kept at around 75-100°C (167-212°F) and some moisture in the air, we don’t recommend bringing your Apple Watch to a sauna. It may last a few minutes, but we cannot guarantee it will continue functioning correctly after an entire session.


Apple Watch is designed to be water resistant up to 50 meters. The watch is fine if it is dry after use and the device is not immersed in water for a long time.

But exposing Apple Watch to the heat and steam in a steam room or sauna is different. Smoke can act on a watch in a way water can’t.

Likewise, extreme temperatures in these rooms can harm your Apple Watch, and it may no longer function properly. For this reason, Apple does not recommend wearing your Apple Watch in a steam room or sauna.

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