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Apple Watch Series 8 Price, Features, and Review

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Apple Watch Series 8 significantly improved over its predecessor, with thinner bezels for a larger display, better always-on display performance, dust resistance, and more.

Apple Watch Series 8 2024 Review

Here is everything we know about the new Apple Watch 2024.


Apple has not made too many changes to the Apple Watch’s core design since its launch. The design has remained visually unchanged; only the iconic squircle has been customized from the last model to sport a more prominent display on a larger chassis.

Apple Watch Series 8 Review

However, on the web, one from LeaksApplePro on Twitter, there are rumors that the Apple Watch 8 won’t differ much from the Series 7 in design and have little or no difference. The only noticeable change is the set of parallel openings rather than just one.


Renowned display analyst Ross Young suggests the Apple Watch Series 8 comes in three sizes instead of the regular two. The new third size is more significant, with 41mm and 45mm variants.


Apple Watch Series 8 brought performance gains with a faster SoC as its predecessor had no changes. It still uses a Retina LTPO OLED with 1000 nits peak brightness and 326 PPI.

Apple Watch Series 8 Features

The next Apple smartwatch is also expected to run on WatchOS 8 or 8.5 if available at launch. According to rumors, Apple is reportedly working on several new health features for its upcoming smartwatch.

These upcoming features include blood pressure monitoring, thermometers for fertility and sleep tracking, sleep apnea detection, and diabetes detection (blood sugar monitoring).

Apple is also developing car crash detection for the Apple Watch, which will be available this year. It uses accelerometers to detect car accidents and then reports them to emergency contacts.

New Apple Watch Series 8 Features

There are reports that Apple has added a temperature sensor to the Apple Watch this year, but Bloomberg states that the company has scrapped the plan. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has suggested that the Apple Watch 8 also gets a significant “activity tracking” update.

Apple has filed patents for several unique technologies that could be used in the Apple Watch Series 8.

The first is a patent for password-free biometric authentication that identifies the wearer’s skin pattern for identification and unlocks the device.

Another patent is for a self-tightening Apple watch band that can be adjusted according to the situation. When you engage in strenuous activities like running or exercising, they are tightened to take accurate heart readings. However, when you relax later, it automatically loosens up.

There is another patent that adds an LED indicator to the Apple Watch band to visualize the progress of an activity or task. The company also holds a patent for a sensor for a watch that can monitor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and another patent for an under-display camera for a smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price

Apple has used the same pricing concept for its Watch series for several years. Apple Watch 8 could be offered at a price tag of $399 in the USA for a base model measuring just 41mm. In the UK, it will cost around £379.

For larger models, the price increases. It will be interesting to see the prices of the third and more significant variants, rumoredly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Watch 8 waterproof?

Apple Watch is waterproof, but not waterproof. For example, Apple Watch can be worn and used during exercise to expose sweat is okay, but when washing hands or swimming, it is recommended not to wear it on a rainy day.

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